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Management Consulting Services

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The world is changing from all aspects business, trade, economics, politics, geography and social. Shape and boundaries of the organizations are undergoing significant challenges from the traditional definition. Technologies are becoming obsolete faster than it did in the past.

Organization no longer means only employees. Nor it means its partners and suppliers. It has embraced Regulators, Governments, research institutions, students, investors and the competitors. ‘Crowd’ has become part of the value adding community for an organization.

Demography and psychography are changing. Countries and markets are experiencing changes in their profile. Some are getting younger and some are ageing. Behaviour of the markets is also showing distinct changes in their preferences to be served. An employee is part of the ‘crowd’, is a consumer, an influencer and also a part of the serving community. Lifestyle, process of thinking and interaction of the new age multifaceted millennial worker has forced organizations to change its outlook towards the ecosystem.

Organizations have to adopt the new and evolving definition in various ways. Technology is playing its own part to drive and helping adoption to change. They have to think for tomorrow to survive and thrive. They have to take steps to be closer to each element of the ecosystem taking advantage of the evolving technologies to be more efficient, responsive and innovative. Criteria of organizational success and the yardsticks will evolve.